Hindsight Or The Eternal Question Of What If?

Not since Being Erica has there been a realistic time-travel show on TV. And it was badly needed. Humans spend a lot of time wondering “what if”, and on top of all the big life-changing decisions the characters make, it just feels nice to bask in our past, reliving the best songs, the funkiest outfits and the coolest games. That’s why reruns of Friends, Sex and the City, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ally McBeal work so well.

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The plot is fairly simple: Nearing her fortieth, Becca (Laura Ramsey from She’s The Man) is about to marry for the second time. Engaged to her childhood friend Andy (the gorgeous Nick Clifford), she spends the night at her father’s before the big day. Missing her estranged best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) and not wanting to make a mistake again like she did with her first wedding, Becca takes a walk wondering how life would have panned out had she done things differently in the past.


As she takes the lift back up to the flat, she suddenly collapses and wakes up to find that it is indeed her wedding day, but not to Andy. She’s back in 1995, her mother (Donna Murphy) hasn’t left her father yet and she’s about to marry super sexy Australian hunk Sean (Craig Horner). Realising what’s happened, she immediately seeks out Lolly and explains what’s happened. Lolly may be eccentric and a dreamer, but she’s not entirely convinced by Becca’s story.

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Jumping into her 90s clothes, Becca rushes to Sean’s house for some great sex before telling him she’s not sure they should tie the knot. He’s angry, but desperately tries to convince her they’re making the right decision. Becca rethinks her stance, but once at the altar, she realises she truly can’t do it again, knowing how it pans out in the future, and runs away.


The season so far has seen Becca focus on correcting her mistakes regarding her love life, friendships but also her career. Yet, as with all time-travelling experiences, changes Becca makes are bound to influence those around her, each ripple more intriguing than the last. Sean starts dating again sooner than expected, Lolly rekindles with an old flame, Andy and Becca keep missing out on chances to be together sooner…


This is VH1’s first scripted show, and so far they haven’t said whether they’ll renew (YES PLEASE!!!) or not (DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, HEAR ME???). The season only has 10 episodes planned (only 2 left, nooooo!) and ratings haven’t been very high despite great reviews. Hopefully VH1 might reconsider the air time, which seems to have a big impact on viewership.

Let’s pray.



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