Being Erica

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to fix a mistake you made? Have you wondered what life would have been like if you had/hadn’t done something?

Well, Erica Strange feels the same. Her life is falling apart and her list of regrets is getting longer and longer, until one day everything seems to fall apart. That’s when she meets the mysterious Dr Tom, an elusive therapist who offers to help her. Unconvinced but at the end of her wits, Erica accepts to start a therapy with him, and is asked to write down all the things she would like to change in her life. Before she knows it, Erica finds herself thrown back in time to her highschool days in order to fix her first regret.


And so starts a therapy that spans over several seasons and explores not only the magic of time-travel, but more importantly the choices we make ourselves that impact on our life. Erica’s changes are often small, and sometimes she messes up first before realising that the point was something completely different.


What makes this Canadian TV series so amazing, isn’t just the plot that successfully marries sci-fi, fantasy, drama and comedy; but also the actors cast. Erin Karpluk is beautiful and funny and her voice, much like Woody Allen, talks through all her issues. Dr Tom, played by enigmatic Michael Riley, will annoy and amaze you with his quotes. Erica’s friends, family and love interests are all perfectly cast as well, and it rarely feels like there’s anything wrong with the show.being-erica-20101216032936547

In fact, the show not only crossed the border to the US, but also the Atlantic Ocean, appearing in numerous countries including the UK, France, Spain, Germany etc. Many in fact decided to create their own spin, and the US and UK in particular announced their own versions of the show. SO far though, nothing more has been heard or decided, and it might well be that confronted with a perfectly working recipe, you don’t really feel like changing any of the ingredients in fear it might end up terribly wrong.

The show stopped after season 4, and while the CBC never cancelled it, creators felt that it had come to a natural conclusion and did not need an extra season.

If I’ve awoken your curiosity, all 4 seasons are available on, but only the first is an English DVD. The last three are Dutch imports.


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