I’ve been to Austria many times (as a kid every year), but I only ever went to the same place. Then I visited Vienna in 2016 and loved it. This time, I needed to check on some hills… See if they really are alive 😉 So off to Salzburg we went! Before we left, I downloaded a list of film locations online so I could make sure to see them. In case you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m a total fan of The Sound of Music. It was the first movie I saw in English (we had the VHS at home and I watched it without understanding) and growing up I just loved the songs, the music, the story. And young Christopher Plummer isn’t bad looking either!

On the way to our hotel, we walked past the coolest sculpture. The hotel was very nice, slightly old fashioned which I like. We dropped off our stuff and started walking towards the town centre. Salzburg is gorgeous, and we strolled along the river, looking at the pretty houses dotted in the hills opposite us. Then we found ourselves at a bridge filled with Love Locks.

As soon as we stepped of the bridge, I saw a shop selling stuffed toys. Now if you know me, you’ll know that I just cannot walk past such a store without entering. So I ran in, and saw the best thing yet: a huge Nici penguin. I have loads of Nici toys at home, mainly keyrings and magnet toys, as well as some bigger ones. And I have some penguins, but none as big as THAT penguin! But unfortunately, at 89€, it was way too much to buy it. And we probably would’ve had to buy an extra seat on the plane.

We grabbed some dinner and did some shopping (I always buy things that I can’t get in the UK when I’m in Austria/Germany) and then went back to the hotel to watch Eurovision! Haters gonna hate, but I always enjoy watching it, especially to make fun of the terrible outfits and choreographies.

The next day we wandered around, trying to find some famous spots from the film. We found the Summer Riding School (the concert at the end), but unfortunately it’s closed and you can’t see anything from the outside. We spent a lot of time hanging out at the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, where they famously sing Do Re Mi. I tried to recreate a scene, but since everyone else is doing the same, it’s tough getting a shot without twenty other people in it. We found Karajan Square and the Horse Pond, which they drive past while in the horse carriage. We saw a fair few of those too, but I always feel sorry for the horses.

We had some amazing cake in a little bakery and then the time came to go back already. We had such little time there, but it was totally worth it.




Pictures: author’s own

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