Big Hero 6

In case y’all didn’t realise it yet, I love Disney. A lot. Not as much as my flatmate, but she might be slowly filling in the blanks I have. So it’s no wonder that I went to see the latest Disney movie, Big Hero 6.

Disney is once more taking its inspiration from literature (well, kind of) as Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel comic series. In case you didn’t follow that bit of news, Disney bought Marvel entertainment.

Anyhoo, as is tradition with most Disney movies nowadays, you’ll get a short film before the main event. This one is called Feast an tells the story of an adorable puppy and his master. It’s just as cute as Paperman and already sets the mood for cuddly squishy Baymax.


Welcome to San Fransokyo (an awesome town with everything American and Japanese mixed together. I’d actually live there). Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) is a prodigal kid who loves to attend robot fights in order to make some cash. Unfortunately for him, they’re illegal and so big brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) has to come save him. The two orphans live with their aunt (remember that theory that all superheroes are orphaned in some way in order to become great?) above her café.


Tadashi attempts to lure his little brother into coming to study with him at the university in the “geek lab” in order not to waste his talent. He introduces Hiro to his friends and their crazy creations, and then shows off his own masterpiece: Baymax (Scott Adsit), an inflatable healthcare assistant robot.

Hiro decides to apply and comes up with Microbots to present at a science fair that could get him taken on as a student. The Microbots are a real success and someone even tries to buy them off him, but he refuses. High on his success, Hiro and Tadashi share a moment outside, but unfortunately, a fire has taken hold of the fair and Tadashi rushes in to save his favourite professor.big-hero-six

Fast forward and (spoiler alert!) Tadashi has perished in the accident. Hiro has lost all desire to attend university or see his friends and just mopes around at home. He unexpectedly activates Baymax who decides to help him overcome his grief. When Hiro realises his Microbots might not have been destroyed in the fire as he thought, but rather stolen in order to be mass-produced, he ropes Baymax and his geeky friends into helping him figure out who the bad guy is and what really happened.


There’s a little bit of everything in this movie and it’ll leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, largely due to Baymax who is the one robot everyone should have in their life. It’s friendly, it saves your life, it keeps you warm, it takes care of you if you’re hurt and it can even fight your battles with/for you.


The gang of unexpected superheroes is amazingly enough based on their smarts and not their physical strengths. Costumes and weapons are based on their own creations and designs and will make you want to go invent something as well.


There’s a good soundtrack and a few twists and turns thrown in. As it’s based on a series, I certainly hope to see a second instalment, if not a third.      big_hero_6_movie-2880x1800


Pictures from: msncdh.com, theatlantic.com, wordpress.com, digitaltrends.com, screenrant.com, nocookie.net, dogomedia.com, tumblr.com

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