As a kid, my father introduced me to James Bond movies. And Sean Connery was always much better than Roger Moore. Unfortunately, the more recent Bond movies have turned into what I call Crash-Boom-Pow movies, the kind of action movie that only has a plot in order to take you from one exciting action scene to the other. Gone are the classy lines, the witty jokes, the cool as a cucumber heroes and villains.

Kingsman, while very modern in its representation of violence (it’s the same guy who did Kick-Ass so, obviously), is in its essence a truly old-fashioned Spy movie with all the right ingredients.

The Secret Service KSS_JB_D01_00106.tif

Harry Hart, also known as Galahad (Colin Firth), is a dapper gentleman part of a secret service organisation called Kingsman. Along with his colleagues, all named after the Arthurian legend, he fights crime unlike anybody else. The movie starts with a flashback showing Harry on mission with others, but something goes wrong and his latest recruit dies saving them. He finds the wife and son and gives them a medal which entitles them to one massive favour.


Years later, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is all grown-up, but can’t seem to get his act together. A petty thief and loser, Eggsy gets caught stealing a car. Held at the police station, he pulls out the medal and dials the number. Immediately released, he meets Harry, who decides to give him a chance and brings him along to Kingsman as a new recruit.


Along with several others, Eggsy and new friend Roxy (Sophie Cookson) must fight for survival in order to pass the tests leading them to a spot within the Kingsman organisation.


Simultaneously, celebrities keep mysteriously disappearing, while megalomaniac millionaire Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) is trying to save the world from climate change in an unexpected way.


If you’re not too keen on violence, this may not be the ticket for you. I’ve never seen Kick-Ass or Kill Bill or Resident Evil, but from the few scenes I have caught on TV, Kingsman displays that kind of funky violence. There’s blood and beheadings and what-not, but it’s kind of funny…


Colin Firth is amazing as a Bond-like secret agent and Taron Egerton is amazing as this half chav, half awesome guy. The soundtrack is epic (and will be purchased) and you’re never bored. There’s funky gadgets, the film’s own version of Q, hunks with no shirts on and women in skimpy outfits. An absolute must-see this year.


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