These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…

Yesterday, I posted a Facebook update asking if one could be in love with an outfit. Because that day, I felt like I was. I’m sure most people have felt this before: there are certain items of clothing that you just love. Whether they just look good, or remind you of good times, or maybe just happen to finally fit again; some clothes we own bring us joy. A very good friend of mine then suggested I write about it, and so here I am.


The outfit in question was quite simple really: a dark blue and white striped maxi skirt from Primark, a white crop top from H&M, a denim jacket from Evans and a scarf from Primark. Yet somehow, it all worked together rather nicely, and I felt great all day wearing it. The scarf and jacket are new, and it’s the first time I’ve ever had that classic denim jacket cut. My old one looks rather like a blazer, and it’s much bigger too.

The skirt I bought last summer, but I obviously hadn’t worn it in months as the British autumn/winter/early spring does not lend itself to wide skirts that drag through rain at all. I know crop tops are super “in” this year, but obviously I’m a little weary because I have a stomach that isn’t flat. Not unless I’m lying down or massively sucking it in. However, worn with something high waisted, the crop top doesn’t actually reveal anything except for maybe a hip or a flash of belly button, so I’m all for it (I may have also bought another one today).


I also have this black H&M mini skirt. They released a load of different colours a few years ago and I loved them so much I bought double black, blue, grey etc. But then last year or so they brought out a black version with lace trimming at the bottom. Now that skirt is a) a little longer so better suited for work and b) much sexier because, duh, lace. So I wear it all. the. time. With a funny Tshirt and Converse for a more casual look, or with a smart blouse, or a chunky sweater… With boots, sandals, low heels…

Speaking of Tshirts, I’m a nerd, right? So my Tshirt collection is split 70/30. 70% nerd (think Disney, Marvel, DC, childhood favourites or funny prints) and 30% classic (black, red, green, blue, with lace, stars, bunnies…). I wear them a lot, in winter paired with a cardigan or hoodie, and I can never get enough. Honestly, you should see how many I have (and that’s after getting rid of a load I didn’t wear anymore). In summer I’m also a big fan of strappy tops, have them in several colours and like them a bit looser. H&M had quite a good few years with strappy tops that were a bit loose and sheer, which looked really great.


While we’re on the topic of H&M, there’s this dress I bought there almost a decade ago now, and it’s still amazing. It’s turquoise, cotton, with an asymmetric cut (longer at the back). It skims over the parts you don’t like while giving me an amazing cleavage, it’s airy so you don’t sweat in summer and it happens to match some Skechers sandals I bought a few years later. I always take it with me on holiday and I’m hoping it’ll last another ten years at least.


When I moved to England I discovered New Look, and fell in love with their clothes. Now I’m out of love because they’ve gotten so much worse, but 8 years ago they were really great. I bought this grey casual blazer from them, and I’ve worn it loads of times since: to job interviews, parties, dates and to work. It goes really well with jeans and dresses/skirts, and even though I had to tweak it a bit so it looked better, it’s now an item I couldn’t do without. I found a similar red one a few years ago, but red is much harder to wear and I’m still edging my way into it.


New Look also used to have amazing jeans. Back when wide-legged and bootcut were still very much in fashion, I purchased two of the same pair. They were very 70s and I wore them until they fell apart. I think one pair actually did because I can’t find it anymore, but I dug one out of its hiding place recently and lo and behold, they fit again. Actually, they were too big around the front so I have to use a belt. I just love how they look, how they remind me of being young. Everyone should have a pair like that.


I obviously have many more awesome outfits (otherwise I wouldn’t have a wardrobe bursting at the seams), but if I had to describe every item that makes me feel great when I put it on, we’d still be here next year. I would, however, do a little shout-out to my many items of Marks & Spencer underwear. They are one of the only places catering (just about) to my back size, and they have this one set of bra and panties which they have managed to reinvent in many different colours (of which I have all but two or three) so I always feel sexy when I wear those.


And, well, there’s shoes. More specifically, my many many many Converse. I have had so many in fact over the years, that I’ve often found myself Ebaying a pair that was dying just so that I could have it in my life a bit longer. Blue, green, turquoise, with sparkles, with stars, with diamonds (that I stuck on myself)… I just LOVE them. I also love my black boots that I bought last winter which have just the right amount of heel to be sexy and comfortable. They’re big and chunky and don’t make me look butch. So, win.

May I also take this time to remind you ladies to shop for your shape, and not according to a size tag. Some items will be marketed to bigger or smaller women, but they will fit you. Equally, items specifically targeted at you might make you look like a bean pole or a tent. Always try things on, don’t hesitate to go up or down a size, and don’t care if your wardrobe ends up being a mixture of sizes. Bodies can not be made to look one way, and no one item will fit two people the same.

What are your favourite outfits?

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