The Choice

I love Nicholas Sparks. Yes, it’s romantic dramedy, yes it’s a winning recipe so it can seem like it’s always the same thing; but I love books (and then movies) that can make me laugh, cry and fret in one swell swoop. After the unfortunate failure of The Best In Me (the book was sooo much better) and the roaring success of The Longest Ride (it’s all because of Scott Eastwood *sigh*) comes The Choice.


Yet again based in North Carolina, the plot follows neighbours Travis (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby (Teresa Palmer) as they slowly get used to each other. When Gabby accuses Travis’ dog Moby of impregnating her dog Molly the first time they meet, it doesn’t look like these two were ever meant to be.


Yet Travis can’t help flirting with her and Gabby finds herself unable to resist his charm, even though they spend more time arguing than not. However, she does have a boyfriend (Tom Wellington, getting hotter by the second) and he has an on-and-off again girlfriend keep popping up.


Surrounded by friends and family (Maggie Grace, Tom Wilkinson etc.), Travis and Gabby get to know each other, letting each other be tamed. Will love win the day?


As expected, this film has all the essential items for a Sparks story: southern charm, a hot love rival (or two), understanding family members, a guy building something with his bare hands, boats, storms, hot sex and the threat of certain doom.


There was one guy in the showing today, and a mix of older and younger women. All of them started crying simultaneously at some point (myself included of course, I mean I cry at Christmas adverts). It’s somehow nice to feel united in shared emotion.


The soundtrack was great as well (Black Betty is epic) and I thought the actors were less in-your-face gorgeous than they usually are. More normal. Which is a nice change.


A definite must-see for Sparks fans, and a nice movie to share with your girlfriends.


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