London Has Fallen

When Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down came out years ago, it was clear which the winner was. As much as I love Channing Tatum, the film just paled in comparison. Now Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart are back and this time, the shit’s going down in my town.


After the death of the British Prime Minister, President Asher (Eckhart) has to travel to London for the state funeral. His faithful head of secret service, Mike (Butler) is uneasy about going for various reasons: his wife is expecting their first child and the security will be a nightmare with all major world leaders present in one city at one time.

As they arrive at the funeral, Mike wonders why nothing has gone wrong so far. And no sooner has the thought entered his mind that all hell breaks loose. World leaders are being gunned down from all sides and Mike and Lynne (Angela Bassett) have to rescue the President at all cost.


But the terrorists are well organised and soon Mike and Benjamin find themselves alone, surrounded and desperate for a break. Seeking shelter at an MI6 safe house, they enlist agent Jacqelin (Charlotte Riley) to help them figure out what’s going on. Across the pond, Vice President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) and the rest of the White House are desperate to get Asher out of there alive before he ends up like his former colleagues…


While the first movie wasn’t exactly violence-free, this second instalment is bigger, louder and bolder. A lot of “f*ucks” and people being shot at close range every 2min or so. But it’s Gerard Butler and you can’t be annoyed with him. The only thing that jumped out at us was how it looked a lot like America trying to justify drone strikes. The movie starts and ends with one and it’s all I could not to stand up and rage at the screen.


And once more, the movie politicians were just so damn cool, way better than the real life ones. Ugh. It’s a great film if you’re fans of action, humour and not too squeamish.



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