MakeUp Eraser (Hallelujah!)

I put on make-up for work 4 times a week. Sometimes I go out and put some on. I also clean my face twice a day. All of this requires cotton pads. A LOT of cotton pads. And while they’re cheap, they’re just a massive load of waste. And make-up removal products never really take it all off. Wipes aren’t great. Milk and other lotions are better, but I always find there’s still some left. Eye make-up remover sometimes stings. If you use eye liner and khôl pencil, it has trouble getting rid of it. Forget waterproof.

Enter the MakeUp Eraser. I read about it on BuzzFeed and thought it sounded like just what I needed. One trip on Amazon, and tadaa! It arrived a little more than a week ago.

CR851f6WsAQ7rPN I picked the blue cloth because blue is my favourite colour. The cloth also comes in pink and black. You have to wash it before using it, so I just chucked it in cold water with some soap. It dried relatively fast on the heater so it was ready to use by Monday night. I use Primer, Maybelline Flawless Nude (which is the BEST foundation I’ve ever had), a contouring kit, powder, mascara and khôl, sometimes eyeliner. I recently bought a setting spray so it won’t smudge so fast.

On the first night, I wet just a small corner and wiped everything off in about three goes. I kept it to dry on the heater for a couple of hours so I could use it again the rest of the week. Immediately it did take off everything I had on. Eyes take a couple of tries, but all in all it worked a lot better than pads and product. My face felt a little funny, but that might be the sensation of absolutely nothing. I always scrub and wash with Clinique afterwards, so I kept doing that as usual.

I used a different corner/edge every night, and left the middle bit for Friday because I had a party. It always got rid of everything and saved me 16 small round pads all week. This means more pads left for Clinique stuff (which is 2 a day). I also didn’t need to use any make up remover all week, so I wouldn’t have to buy so much anymore. On Saturday morning, I took a picture to show what a week worth of make up looked on the cloth.


The box says to wash it on the delicates cycle. Except I never use delicates. I thought I’d try something else, so chucked it into a delicates bag (I have loads for bras and sweaters) and after reading through our washing machine’s manual, I picked a normal colour cycle, 30°C and added a lower spin. So when it was done, I removed the bag with the cloth and gave the other clothes an extra spin.


The cloth is perfectly clean after washing it, looking and feeling like new. It dried within a couple of hours again and is ready to go again starting Monday. I’d definitely recommend it to girls who wear (a lot of) make up on a daily basis. It’s annoying having to go through mountains of lotions and pads, wipes and soaps. This definitely shortened the process and is a total money saver. Someone on Amazon said she had two so she’d always have one while the other is in the wash, and if I ever need it more I might consider the option, but at the moment a weekend wash seems plenty.


Pictures:, author’s own

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