The Fifth Wave

I really liked the first Divergent movies, and I’m a mahoosive fan of The Host. If you step away from the young adult genre, I simply adore any adventure/end of the world/let’s save the planet film (The Core, Deep Impact, Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, Dante’s Peak, Volcano and so on…). So when my flatmate told me about The Fifth Wave, I thought “yeah, why not?”

The premise of the film (and of the book series, which I’m told is quite good) is the following:


Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) is your typical teenager. She has a crush on Ben (Nick Robinson) the cutest guy in school. She goes out with friends, texts during class and loves singing Coldplay songs to her little brother Sam (Zackary Arthur). But her life is about to change forever.


As an extraterrestrial object is sighted, approaching Earth at high speed, humans are at a loss about what will happen. At first uncommunicative and calm, the Others, as they come to be known, slowly start launching attacks in waves. The first is a world-wide power outtage (much like in Revolution). The second is a series of tsunamis that destroy all coastal areas and island.  The third is a modified flu that decimates the weak.


Eventually, Cassie and Sam move to a survivor camp. Just as they were starting to feel normal again, the army (led by Liev Schreiber)arrives at the camp, offering information and help: the Others have come down to Earth and infected humans, so there is no way to tell who is what. They will take the children and keep them safe, then return for the adults.

As Cassie is separated from Sam, she starts to realise that she has no one but herself to count on anymore. On her quest to find her brother she meets Evan (Alex Roe), a young man who, like her, has no one else left. Together they must learn to survive and trust each other.


At the same time, the army is apparently turning all children into soldiers that are able to stop the Others. Sam finds himself unknowingly reunited with Ben, and they start training together for the fifth wave…


The movie is a great mix of fan favourites: there’s aliens, good guys, bad guys, dodgy we’re not quite sure what you are guys… There’s romance, adventure, friendship and a lot of bad-ass attitudes!

Once more, it’s a franchise with a female lead, and even though Cassie gets help from men, she’s still a strong woman. There’s also plenty of those at the military facility, specifically training with Ben.


I really like Moretz, ever since I saw If I Stay. She’s cute and adorable enough to be likeable, but can speak her own mind and have you believe in it. Roe provides the dishy eye-candy (there’s a lake scene!) and Schreiber (as usual), the man in charge you don’t know whether to trust or not.

All in all it’s a good movie for young(ish) and old.


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