Pitch Perfect 2

When I first watched Pitch Perfect, I didn’t like it. The repeated projectile-vomiting scenes really didn’t hit home (a bit like Bridesmaids) and while I love the music (any self-respecting Glee fan would), I just couldn’t get on board. It took a couple more times to get me to appreciate the movie more. And ignoring anything Rebel Wilson does or says also helps.


Pitch Perfect 2 happens 3 years after the last movie. The Barden Bellas have been on a winning streak and are performing live for President Obama, but Fat Amy’s (Rebel Wilson) performance goes awry, leaving everyone shocked. Banned from going on tour, recruiting any new members and performing in the US, the girls have only one shot at redemption: the World Championship in Denmark.

Unfortunately for Beca (Anna Kendrick), Chloe (Brittany Snow) and their fellow Bellas, no American team has ever won the “Worlds”, and their competition is a fear-inducing German team with unnaturally tall people who sing terrible English, but really well. When legacy Bella Emily (Hailee Steinfield) joins the group (an apparent loophole to recruiting), the girls try to get their game on.


But secrets and resentment festers inside the Bellas, while Beca hides her internship at a Recording label from the group, and Chloe has trouble letting go (she apparently fails classes on purpose she she won’t have to graduate). Will the Bellas be able to get back up? Can they find their sound? Can they win?

As always, the music is great. Original mash-ups work wonders and if you’re an Acapella fan you’ll appreciate everything these people can do with their voices. My favourite Acapella band, Pentatonix, does a small cameo as the Canadian entry to the World Championship, and during an impromptu sing-off we meet some super buff NFL players doing a cameo as another singing group.

The plot is once more that of a group looking to make it big, getting back up after they’ve been brought down etc. There’s loads of slapstick humour, and funny one-liners.There’s enough romance not to be sickening, and plenty of girl power to go round.

But I just can’t get on board with Rebel Wilson. I don’t find her funny at all, not in any of her films. Or even during interviews. Kind of like Melissa McCarthy. Yes, you’re overweight, but is that really all you can talk about? And is that the only thing that makes you funny? I’m the opposite of thin, and I consider myself funny enough, but I rarely use my weight in order to make people laugh. Actually, it’s on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Pitch Perfect 2

All in all a good film if you like Acapella, films about friendships, and slapstick humour. You’ll definitely enjoy it if you liked the first one.


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