The Love Punch

Easter Monday I went to see The Love Punch.


Starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson in the lead, with Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie as trusted sidekicks, this movie is another in the growing line of comedies targeted at what’s now being called the “silver economy”, aka people who are 60+.


That obviously doesn’t mean to say these movies can’t be enjoyed by younger people (hey, I’m 25) but their storylines are consistent with retired characters who are divorced/unhappy and want a last shot at improving their life. Think Something’s Gotta Give, A Late Quartet, It’s Complicated, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Quartet and Hope Springs.


Anyhoo, back to our plotline: Divorced Kate (Thompson) and Richard (Brosnan) are still on relatively good terms, and while they are both moving on, their friends and children would love to see them back together. A week away from retiring, Richard is suddenly faced with the foreclosure of his company, and the worthlessness of its stocks and shares. Suddenly, his and everybody else’s retirement looks a lot bleaker.


Turning to Kate, the two of them investigate who is behind the shady business, and decide to travel to Paris in order to get back their money. But talking to the evil Vincent Kruger 5Laurent Lafitte) doesn’t work, and so Kate comes up with a brilliant plan: to steal the 10 million dollar diamond hanging around his fiancée’s (Alice Bourgoin) neck. From Paris to Cannes, with the help of their friends Jerry (Spall) and Penelope (Imrie), Kate and Richard have to figure out how to be on the other side of the law, while working out whether they are better apart or together.



The movie is highly amusing, with great laugh-out-loud moments and a stellar cast. You’ll definitely feel like you’ve heard or seen bits before, but as a whole it’s great entertainment, served not only by award-winning actors, but also incredible views of Paris, Cannes and even Greater London.

I definitely recommend it!


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