Cuban Fury

If you’re a Nick Frost/salsa/comedy/Chris O’Dowd fan, this movie is made for you.

Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) used to be a child salsa sensation with his sister and partner Sam (Olivia Colman). But on the night of the nationals, Bruce decides to give up salsa for good.


Years later, Bruce leads a quiet and uneventful life working in an office, hanging out with mates and sitting at home by himself.

One day, Bruce and his office friend/nemesis Drew (Chris O’Dowd) find out they’re getting a new boss. Aware that it’s a woman, they are completely taken aback when they meet Julia (Rashida Jones), a gorgeous American who is both clumsy yet charming. Immediately under her spell, both Bruce and Drew attempt to get closer to her, with Drew constantly undermining Bruce. Then Bruce finds out Julia’s little secret: she likes to salsa.


Convinced that this will give him the advantage he needs, Bruce looks up his former coach Ron Parfait (Ian McShane) in order to get back into shape and wow Julia with his salsa skills. But Ron at first refuses to teach Bruce, convinced that he doesn’t mean to take it seriously and will drop out once more at the last minute.


Yet with the unexpected help of his classmate Bejan (Kayvan Novak), Bruce slowly builds up his confidence and managed to once again capture his amazing moves.


Will sweeping Julia off her feet with dancing be enough? Will Drew manage to get to her first? You’ll have to watch it to find out!



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