Alone Again

Living alone. Some love it, others hate it. At some point in our lives though, we’re bound to do it at least once.

Personally, I’m not too keen. Not that I can’t be by myself, I’m an only child and I’ve had plenty of practice at entertaining myself for ages. But living alone is… well, different.

a) you’ve got to pay all the bills yourself, so that’s a bummer

b) you have no one to talk to apart from people you call or message, and if you stay along too long you’ll notice conversations with yourself and inanimate objects increasing


Of course, you can decorate just the way you like, if there are dirty dishes in the sink they’re bound to be your own. You can walk around naked, dance to your favourite music and watch any movie you like. No one there to shout at you for not hoovering, and you don’t have to sort through the mail like a worker at the post office to know what’s yours.

As with everything, there’s good and bad things about living alone, and it also depends on what kind of person you are. One of my friends for example is very independent, bordering on misanthropist. She has to live in a house share while she can’t afford a place for herself, but trust me if she could move into her own place today, she would. I on the other hand am a people person. I love talking and I like sharing things with others, be it food, a book, or the latest blockbuster. So living in a flatshare is pretty awesome, coz there’s always someone to do something with.


Of course, HAVING to make conversation when you don’t feel like it (say when you’re a bit down/watching a movie/just through the door after a long day at work) is not fun. Having to squish all your food in one drawer/shelf in the fridge often resembles a game of Tetris, and depending on the size of your kitchen and everybody’s cooking skills, either 3 or 4 people are squashing themselves in to cook simultaneously, or everybody take their turn which means no one ever eats together; or, you’ll end up cooking for everyone like an Italian Mamma.

And who doesn’t remember awkward conversations where you try to explain that using your frying pan is fine, as long as it’s cleaned afterwards, or that towels have to be picked up when they’re wet, or that cleaning doesn’t happen overnight? Yeah, I hate them too.

I’ve been alone for ten days or so, and I can tell you, I don’t like it. Yes, I do love watching TV in the kitchen while eating, leaving the bathroom door open when I shower so the steam escapes faster and not having to creep about late at night afraid I’m going to wake someone up. But on the other hand, I’ve hated not having anyone to talk to that wasn’t on a screen, it’s really freaky at night and there’s no one to protect me from evil spiders.

Readin in the bedroom

I think it’s also worse when you don’t have a full-time job that either keeps you busy and/or out of the house. I wasn’t working during that time and being home alone all day, doing nothing is really hard in the long run. You don’t see anyone all day (people in town or the shop don’t count) and you start going crazy.

I think I might enjoy living alone if I had a job where I was out all day, dealing with people. In that case, a quiet home is bliss in the evening. You can rest your head, be alone with your thoughts and lounge about in your PJs without dress code.

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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