Live Long And Prosper

For those of you who are hardcore Trekkies, be warned: I’m not. I’ve never watched the show and I don’t know any Klingon. BUT, I do appreciate a good sci-fi flick when it’s out and the two Star Trek movies are at least that. Plus they have Chris Pine.


I really enjoyed the first Star Trek movie: it had a good cast, for those who had no clue about Star Trek it was a good introduction to the universe and the plot was decent enough. I was therefore very much looking forward to the second instalment in the series, Into Darkness.

Well, it was good. But… Like many other movies out this year, it was also just a collection of special effects all trying to outdo themselves. Iron Man 3 was kind of like that, and Star Trek being in space, special effects take on a whole new meaning.


Of course, there was a lot of good stuff going on in that movie. Like Benedict Cucumberbatch. Sorry, Cumberbatch. 😛 He’s pretty awesome any day, and as a meanie he just rocked.


Then there’s Simon Pegg, hilarious as usual, pulling off the Scottish accent as if he was born and bred.

Spock is as emotionless as usual, and I often wonder why they didn’t cast Keanu Reeves for that part? He’s got the whole “don’t show emotion” thing down to a T!


Captain Kirk was, well… Chris Pine. So all blue-eyed, stubbled, sexy smiles and cool speeches.

Recommended date movie, satisfies both parties (usually). For a little fun, check out Star Trek’s honest trailer here



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