About me

Me, Myself And I

Well, what to say about me?


I’m a 24 year old Creative Writing and Publishing MA graduate (with a CW and English Lit BA) and I currently work as a student support worker for my former university Kingston, as well as at French Radio London where I’m the assistant webmaster and I also have a show. I also write for Heruni.com which is an awesome blog for students!

Personally I’m a little crazy, I talk loads and I’m extremely outgoing. I like reading, writing, watching TV and going to the cinema, shopping, hanging out with friends, dancing, learning new things and discovering new places. I travel a lot, but mainly to places where family lives. I’ve never been on a plane (needs to be remedied) and I’d LOVE to see the US. And go to Italy and do an eat and love, screw the pray part.

I used to blog loads before Facebook showed up, and then all the things I wrote about (posting pictures of your holidays and discussing the latest film) could be done so easily on FB that the blogging stopped. But recently it seems EVERYBODY is blogging, and to be fair as a writer nowadays there aren’t many opportunities for you to publish your work hassle-free.

So here I am, blogging once more and hoping that you will find what I say interesting. I’ve decided to split up the blog in categories that encompass what I enjoy discussing.

We have ‘life’, which can be anything from guys to friends to trying to get a job (such a hassle I tell ya), ‘books’ which is fairly easy to explain, ‘films/tv’, again self-explanatory, as well as ‘cooking/eating’ where I’ll discuss not only what I cook or bake, but also restaurants I go to. ‘Beauty’ will be about make-up tips, fashion, but also articles about confidence and maybe even art!

I hope this helps to understand my endeavour, and that you’ll enjoy reading! By the way if you have your own blog, feel free to post the link and I’ll have a look 🙂

One thought on “Me, Myself And I

  1. Well…Je ne vais pas te la jouer Ă  l’anglaise chère Lauranne, mais c’est un plaisir que de feuilleter ton blog pour te retrouver, ne serait-ce qu’un peu, après les annĂ©es lycĂ©e 🙂 ! J’espère que tout va pour le mieux pour toi !

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