I’ll admit it freely: I didn’t like Bridesmaids. I thought it was OK, but all the poop and whatnot jokes were all lost on me. So when I kept seeing posters for Trainwreck, with “From the guy who brought your Bridesmaids” plastered at the top, I immediately thought “no way”. But then I caught a trailer one day and realised Amy Schumer might be worth the watch. Especially as Trainwreck presents women and relationships in a way I’m more familiar with (as opposed to the Disney fairytale).

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Amy (Schumer) plays a journalist working for a magazine she only moderately likes. Desperate to write something better, she’s constantly clashing with her British snobby and bitchy boss Dianna (unrecognisable Tilda Swinton). In her personal life however, Amy is doing what she wants.

(L to R) Amy (AMY SCHUMER) has a meal with father Gordon (COLIN QUINN) and sister Kim (BRIE LARSON) in ?Trainwreck?, the new comedy from director/producer Judd Apatow that is written by and stars Schumer as a woman who lives her life without apologies, even when maybe she should apologize.

Convinced years ago by her father (Colin Quinn) that monogamy is unattainable and unsustainable, Amy is flitting from one One-Night-Stand to another while her younger sister Kim (Brie Larson) married a safe and dependable man and adopted his son. Borderline alcoholic, a frequent drug user and the very definition of a loose woman, Amy is convinced that her lifestyle is the way to go.


Sent to interview a new famous Sports doctor, Aaron (Tim Hader), Amy finds herself going out with him and and spending the night together. However, pushed by his friend LeBron James (LeBron James), Aaron calls her the next day to schedule another date. Completely thrown, Amy ends up agreeing and eventually finds herself in a relationship without understanding how she got there.

Will she mess it up or can the right guy really reform her ways?


I thought the movie was a great example of a modern romantic comedy: the characters aren’t traditionally beautiful, nor do they have magic jobs that do themselves and pay for a massive flat (unless you’re the doctor). Amy is a bit of a “chaud lapin” (it’s French for a Casanova, and usually applies to men, but I refuse to call a woman who sleeps around a slut, whore or slag) and she’s not afraid of hiding her past.

She’s proud of the lifestyle she leads, even if it doesn’t fit in with how people think she should be living. And while it may not be the kind of lifestyle I’m living, I’m not against it either. Do what you like as long as you feel that’s the way to go.


Hader is perfect as Aaron: not exactly drop-dead gorgeous, but actually kind of cute in a geeky way. And sweet. He’s so sweet, every girl in the screen kept swooning whenever he did something nice, because it made us think of the guys we’d love to have in our lives.

Schumer plays (herself?) to perfection, with the right mix of crazy and just a hint of a romantic. It’s a great date movie!



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