Thor: The Dark World

After a meh introduction in the first Thor movie, and a decent appearance in Avengers Assemble, every woman’s favourite God makes his return to our big screens in his latest blockbuster: Thor: The Dark World


Funnier than the first one, largely dependent on what happened in the Avengers universe (and also creating enough material for an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode) this new episode sees Thor (Chris Hemsworth *sigh*) return to Earth in order to save the love of his life, Jane (Natalie Portman). Evil is on the rise, and it appears Jane is the key to what’s going on. But when Thor and Odin find they’re under attack by the Dark Elves, creators of the Aether, a terrible force nothing can stop, Thor turns to the one who betrayed him: his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston *sigh*). Will they be able to work together? Is Loki able to change? Can they save everyone from an untimely death?

Thor: The Dark World film still

The plot is good, with the writers seemingly inspired by Joss Whedon’s style: Characters banter back and forth, witty remarks and funny incidents sprinkle this otherwise action-packed movie to give it a light tone at times. The acting is first class (especially Tom Hiddleston) and even the sidekicks get their moment in the light.


As usual in the Marvel universe, there’s an extra scene in the credits. Said scene of course sets the tone for the next episode (Thor 3 appears to be a real possibility at this point).

If you sat through the first movie, and had fun watching the Avengers, definitely catch this before it’s too late.   


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