Travalo Or Your New Best Friend

Have you ever thought to yourself “How annoying! My favourite perfume is in a massive chunky bottle and I’d love to be able to reapply during the day. Maybe I can get a trial version in a shop?”

Well, this inner monologue is now over. The Travalo will solve your problem in less time it takes you to say the name. Essentially, this little contraption is a mini perfume bottle of only 8 cm and just 13/14g, the equivalent of 50/65 sprays.


But if you’ve ever tried to fill up a bottle with perfume, you’ll know it’s messy – and smelly! Not so with the Travalo. The bottom of the Travalo fits on the the tube hidden underneath your perfume bottle’s spray nozzle. So just take off the top bit, then pump the Travalo until you have the desired quantity inside (a window shows you how much liquid is inside).


The Travalo isn’t made of glass, only recyclable plastic, and according to the official description, it adapts to the pressure in airplanes, which is great as it’s small enough to be allowed in your hand luggage.

There’s an different versions of the Travalo, so depending on where you go to buy it, you might be faced with different designs. The old one (the one I have, got it free from my internship at has a box around it which protects from eventual leaks, and looks kinda fancy. Both versions come in many different colours so it’s easy to pick the one you like! There’s the 50 spray or the 65 spray versions, then there’s the crystal clear and tinted, and if you don’t like sprays, they even have a roll-on version!


Depending on where you buy it, the price ranges from £8 to about £15, so I’d shop around for a bit!

This is definitely an invention worth talking about, especially as it’s something so useful on so many occasions!

For more info about the Travalo, check their website here.

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