French Toast, An Alternative To The Fry-Up

Ever woken up on a Sunday morning starving? Yeah me too. But I don’t like a British Fry-up too much, the whole beans and tomatoes and mushroom isn’t really my thing. What I can deal with however, is egg and bread. Of course I could just boil the thing, or scramble it. But a good filling alternative is French Toast.

Ingredients (for four slices):

3 eggs (or 2 eggs and some milk)

four slices of toast (any toast will do, but white soaks up better while 50/50 or brown toast fills you up so fast you won’t be able to finish


First, break the eggs into a soup plate (or massive bowl) and whisk with a fork. Add a dollop of milk if you don’t have enough egg.

Start gently heating your frying pan (it needs to be big enough to hold two slices at least). I use Flora or butter for French toast, never oil. Simultaneously dunk the first slice of toast into the egg. Make sure the mixture is really seeping in: the toast should be heavier and almost break off in your hand.



Gently drop the slice into the sizzling pan. Immediately prepare the next one while the first side of the first slice is done. By the time you’ll drop in the second slice, you’ll be able to flip the first slice. It may not be brown yet, but you allowed to like it more gooey, or to flip as long as you like.


Depending on how big your frying pan is, you might be able to do all four slices in one go, or have to do two, then two again. It doesn’t matter as you’ll stack them and they’ll keep each other warm.


Once it’s done, enjoy your French toast by itself, with bacon or with ham/turkey/chicken slices. Cheese also works very well, although you shouldn’t add it to the mixture as it will stick everywhere. Use slices and put them on top when you eat!


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