Wreck-It Ralph

The latest Disney movie is a bit of a Toy Story lookalike, with characters from our favourite video games coming to life.


The story happens in an arcade, where all kinds of video games cohabit peacefully. One of them, Fix-It Felix, features ‘bad guy’ Ralph (John C. Reilly), whose sole job it is to constantly wreak havoc by breaking the house, while his counterpart Felix (Jack McBrayer) fixes everything using a magic hammer. Ralph is unhappy with his life and even attends ‘bad guy’ meetings during which he and his counterparts discuss what it means to be the baddy in the game.


But Ralph is sick of being seen as scum and when his game celebrates it’s 30th anniversary and he’s not invited, he decides that he will become a hero instead. Leaving his game to try his luck elsewhere, Ralph finds himself in Hero’s Duty where he meets the amazing Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) and manages to get a medal. Unfortunately when leaving, Ralph takes along one of the cy-bugs from the game and ends up in Sugar Rush, a pink candy racing game. There he meets Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), a glitch who is desperately trying to become a real racer. Together, will they be able to change their fate?


While my friends didn’t like the movie, I loved it! I thought it was well done, with Jane Lynch having been officially made into a super bad ass hero, and John C. Reilly for once being an endearing character. Sarah Silverman was as annoying as expected, and the graphics were great. There was good music, and I thought the idea of Game Central Station, essentially a master plug from the arcade, was really awesome. It was fun to see some old game characters, like Pacman or Tekken lookalikes.


It may have been a bit long and dragged at times, but generally it’s a fun day out for young kids and their parents or big brothers and sisters, as well as adults desperately trying to hold on to their childhood.

By the way, if you enjoy old school games, Fix-It Felix, Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush are available to play on the Wreck-It Ralph website here!



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