Something… So 90s

Did you ever hear the saying ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’? Well, I guess it’s true in a way as few are the men who would say no to a woman cooking them dinner. So yeah, you can probably make him stay by filling his plate with steak. But there’s so much more to that.

1999 film Simply Irresistible tells the story of Amanda Shelton (Sarah Michelle Gellar), a young chef who inherited her mother’s restaurant but can’t really cook. One day at the market, a strange man offers her crabs and that’s how she meets Tom Bartlett (Sean Patrick Flanery), a department store executive organising the opening of a restaurant. While their meeting is surely one of the cheesiest meet-cutes you’ll find (guess what move that’s from), they part ways.

Simply Irresistible 3

Amanda’s restaurant has to close as they have no more than 3 customers who don’t even eat the food. As she’s crying outside, Tom turns up with his date and dares her to cook him some crab as she promised earlier. In the search for a recipe from her mother, she finds some earrings and suddenly, her cooking clicks into place. Amanda doesn’t create meals, she designs masterpieces that make you reach erotic highs.

As her cooking drastically improves and there’s more than a little magic in the air, the pair get closer and are at a risk of falling in love, if it weren’t for Tom’s issues with romance and relationships.


The movie is incredibly cheesy, with crazy cinematography (an overuse of mirrors, magic smoke and floating while you snog, anyone?), I would kill the cook the amazing things she can whip up, especially if they do make you feel all tingly inside.

Fair enough, sometimes when I’ve eaten stuff I made (my mousse au chocolat for example, or more recently my Nutella and Ferrero Rocher ice cream), I have felt very tingly inside. So maybe I should keep going? And force-feed any interesting single guy I meet!


There’s another movie where food bring the people together, albeit in a less sexual context: It’s Complicated. If I recall correctly, Meryl Streep’s character is an awesome cook and her chocolate croissants as well as her roasts are the talk of the town!

Its complicated

So  I definitely recommend watching Simply Irresistible when you feel in the mood for something sweet and seductive!


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