Ice Ice Baby

After trying my hand at FroYo and doing it with a little twist I decided to go all in and make real ice cream. Since Ferrero Rocher flavour is my favourite, and so far I’ve only had it in Spain and Germany and it’s awesome there, I decided to find a recipe.


The closest I could get was online and taken from The Icecreamists cook book (which I totally need to buy, and boy if you haven’t been to their shop in Covent Garden you haven’t lived yet).



300ml full fat milk
200ml double cream
2 egg yolk
90g caster sugar
225g Nutella
10 Ferrero Rocher

First, mix the milk and cream into a saucepan and heat on the lowest possible setting until it steams. While watching that like a hawk, whisk the egg yolk and sugar together. Add the milk and cream while whisking constantly and return that to the heat, stirring until it thickens and starts sticking to your spoon.


Add the Nutella and mix for a long time until there’s no more Nutella globs left in the mixture.

Crush the Rocher as much as possible and stir them in with the rest.


Cool overnight (I didn’t and that may have been a problem).


I then poured the mixture into the ice cream machine and waited for 30min. The mixture changed colour and quickly started to look more ice-creamy, but it was still fairly liquid. We put it in the freezer overnight as it wouldn’t set for ages, but maybe if you do that in the previous step, you would only have to leave it in the freezer for n hour or so for it to set.


This is honestly the BEST ice creation yet. It tastes AWESOME. It looks like Ice cream, it melts on the tongue and explodes in your mouth. So making it again! Although our next creation will be Kinder Bueno Ice cream… Watch this space!



Picture from: and author’s own

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