Ferrero Rocher FroYo

After making plain FroYo the other day, I decided to step it up a bit. I personally LOVE Ferrero Rocher, and it’s great as an ice cream or a milkshake. I thought I’d try it as a Froyo and here’s how that went.

Please follow the instructions from the last article which tell you how to mix your froyo together.

Before putting the mixture into the machine, I ground up 13 Ferrero Rocher (yes it’s an odd number, I couldn’t resist eating one). I recommend actually having a grinder or a mortar as it was quite tough doing it with the back of a spoon.


I then added it to the yoghurt (which was already sweetened a bit with agave nectar) and mixed it all. Make sure to grind the Rocher as small as possible, as they might get caught or break your ice cream maker.


I fed the mixture into the machine and prayed my way through. Because the machine heats up at the top, whatever was left started smelling slightly cheesy, which should not be a turn-off.

When I removed the mixture after 30min, it looked a lot more like Ice cream than my first attempt. When I tasted a little bit, it was more like yoghurt with a slight taste of chocolate, and then you bite on one of the pieces of Rocher and that taste overpowers the rest. I put it in the freezer until later as I was making dinner for my girls after their long day at work.


When we got it out for dessert, it had frozen to the consistency of a tub ice cream. It was tough to get out, and only one bowl looked cool enough to be photographed. We decorated with a Rocher on top and started eating.

Verdict, Ferrero Rocher and Frozen Yoghurt probably don’t belong together. But it had to be tried and tested, and it wasn’t disgustign or anything. I’ll try real ice cream next, as I’ve found a good recipe for that online!


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